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December 30,2017

Okay, I have been nominated for, and won by a landslide, the worst blogger ever!  It’s true. Great intentions but apparently no focus whatsoever. I do not make New Year’s Resolutions as a rule, but this year, I do.  I…

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Book Store…October 18, 2017

Today, Secrets of the Devil Vine, was put on the shelves in two places at the Page & Palette Book Store in Fairhope, AL. I simply cannot describe to you the feeling of walking into a real book store and…

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HI EVERYONE! I hope eventually there will BE an everyone! Exciting news! My local book store, the Page and Palette in Fairhope, Alabama, notified me yesterday that the books are in and will be on the shelves today! I am…

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Oct.1, 2017 Blog Update

October, 1 2017   Hello Reader(s)!   I’m not actually sure who reads blogs and why, but I least I can vent here! My goal with this blog is to bring the newbie writers through the process and to inform…

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Somewhere in the beginning

Okay, I am a newbie to the world of book publishing.  I, like many of us I suspect, have secreted away at least five unfinished books in my desk drawer, carefully packed with each of many moves as my husband…

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