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Oct.1, 2017 Blog Update

October, 1 2017


Hello Reader(s)!


I’m not actually sure who reads blogs and why, but I least I can vent here! My goal with this blog is to bring the newbie writers through the process and to inform those who are just curious.  From time to time, I might put in juicy personal stuff.


Of course, in order to be of help, I started at the beginning and therefore should go in order; however, interesting things are happening now, so I’ll start there and go back and fill in the blanks, or put in order.


I wrote the book.  I thought it was perfect.  I hired a well known author/editor to edit it. 2/3 of the original manuscript wound up on his floor, much of the lost some of my favorite parts…meaning they will show up in future books. I sent it off to a publisher who agreed to publish and mailed me a contract.  I signed the contract that gave the publisher up to two years to publish before rights of the book came back to me. The publisher published within one year and suddenly I had a release date of 10/20/17.  What am I supposed to be doing?


A friend of mine, in the music business, said I needed a publicist. I chose one, who was soooo rude to me that she was fired before she was hired. She was well known in the southern publishing community. I chose one that was as far away from the south as possible. I could buy a flat fee package or an expensive monthly package. I chose the flat fee package as editing was not inexpensive.  When I spoke with my publicist, it became apparent that I was at least six months behind. Really? How was I to know and what was I to do?


Social media, you old dawg.  Instagram for the younger set of readers and Face Book for the older set, a web page and a blog.  Instagram, for me, turned out to the the Masher Site. I have never had so many hearts, flowers, “how are you today my darling”s, turns out I am the lost wing of an angel who has been looking for me. Daily, every day, day in and day out.  I thought about a “Masher of the Week” award, but decided that was rude. So, I erased my Instagram Icons because I cannot figure out how to quit Instagram. If you are looking for a date, a lover or a husband, perhaps someone who doesn’t speak English, I can highly recommend Instagram. In my ever so humble opinion, it has done squat in terms of promoting Secrets of the Devil Vine. The Facebook Page has been most helpful.


I “assumed’ (as we were taught, bad, bad, bad) my local Independent Book Store would jump at the opportunity to carry my sure to be best seller…and have a book signing and reading. Gosh, my friends and family alone would pack the joint.  Well, assume nothing, my friends. Though I think it might eventually happen, it would appear I am going to have to launch my book somewhere else, as I cannot hold the attention of not only the local, but the only local independent book store.  Maybe New Orleans will be interested in my new novel?


Bitching over.  More later!

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